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8 Tips On How To Prepare for a Brazilian Wax!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

8 Tips on How to prepare for a Brazilian Wax.

Getting a Brazilian wax can be very intimidating. It’s a very vulnerable situation where you want to make sure you are completely comfortable and relaxed. Here at the Brazillionaire Studio, we are committed to making sure the waxing experience is fun, comfortable, and makes you feel like a total babe!

Before we get into the top 8 ways on how to prepare for a Brazilian Wax, let’s answer some questions.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is when 100% of hair is removed from your bikini line, vulva, and everything in between! This would be vice versa for men. Grooming is difficult, and even more so when it’s “down there.” However, it doesn’t have to be! Your waxing experience can be heaven-sent by following these tips on how to prepare for a Brazilian Wax!

Brazilian wax before and after
Brazilian wax before and after

How much does a Brazilian wax cost?

The price of a full wax varies from company to company. There are many factors that go into this such as whether it is a numbed wax or not, the products used, and more. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$150.

Price is important to remember learning how to prepare for a Brazilian Wax as it can definitely be a deciding factor!

How long should hair be to wax?

For optimal waxing, hair should be ¼ inch is recommended.

Now, What to do before a Brazilian wax and Brazilian Wax Etiquette!

1. Grow Your Hair!

As mentioned above, it is optimal to have at least ¼ inch of pubic hair. It can be longer too! The length is recommended so the wax can actually grip the hair and lead to the ultimate hair removal appointment!

2. Don”t worry