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Don’t Try This At Home: Bikini Wax Safety

If you watch TikTok or YouTube, you might have become convinced over the last year that at-home waxing is the easiest way to deal with hair removal.

Don’t buy into the hype.

A bikini wax deals with the most intimate and sensitive area of your body. Proper waxing involves both science and art. You need the right materials and tools, a good technique, and a LOT of practice. Do you really want to trust your health and beauty regime to anyone other than a professional?

The impulse to wax at home, especially in the middle of a global pandemic when we’re all trying to stay safe, is totally understandable. But let us offer some perspective.

Our Aestheticians are highly skilled, legally licensed professionals. They put in 1200 hours of education and hands-on training. They are passionate about what they do and put a lot of work into staying on top of trends and the latest techniques. They have likely seen hundreds of clients and performed the waxing procedure thousands of times. At home, you are essentially using the trial and error method to learn how to take care of your skin. And the “error” part of that can be painful and even dangerous.

A Spa is a sanitary environment with limited risk of infection. Unless you’re a contortion artist, it’s difficult to see and maneuver around your own body, so you may not remove all unwanted hairs. If a hair is not removed correctly, it can double back on itself and keep growing underneath the skin causing painful ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can get infected, so keep an eye on them! Even if you avoid ingrown hairs, waxing incorrectly can cause skin irritation such as ”lifting” and removal of the skin.

At-home waxing or sugaring sounds easy, especially after watching an exciting, highly-edited video. The reality is a lot more messy. If you buy an at-home kit that requires hot wax, it’s pretty easy to burn yourself or remove healthy layers of skin. The sugaring alternative is less risky burn-wise, but can be even more painful if you mix or apply the sugar wrong and the paste gets stuck.

Some people wax at home without incident, but the truth about at-home waxing is that it’s complicated, and a lot can go wrong. In order to prevent infections, ingrown hairs, irritation, burns, and stuck-on sugar paste, it’s much better to find a well-respected Waxing Salon that follows safety measures. Book your appointment with us today!

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