Don't compare your journey to success to others

We fall.

We break.

We fail.

But then.




Going into the big 15 year wedding anniversary this upcoming February with the king of my place, Tim!

I’d like to start off before going into this by saying don’t compare your success story to anyone else.

And here is why:

The first 10 years of our marriage we got to fully pour every bit of ourselves into my husbands company and into being 100% debt free. We entered our marriage with little debt, a simple car loan. When I married Tim it was the BIGGEST WAKE UP CALL for me and my bank account. 😂

The week we were on our honeymoon unknowingly to us, the company Tim worked for at the time went out of business. He went in to work and found out with a note taped on their front door.

Side note* Tim was a mortgage loan officer and this was in the housing market crash of 2007.

This was not the wake up call I’m talking about though.

But really. This is how our real life actually always happens, haha.

The actual wake up call for me was when Tim implemented the “Dave Ramsey program” into our marriage. I was the biggest spender. I worked hard to play harder. Tim on the other hand saw a bigger picture and had goals set for our future when I could truthfully, care less. You guys. That first year…That was the hardest year of our marriage up until 2020. Haha. #donttalksavingstome

Looking back I can 10000% say I am grateful Tim held these financial boundaries with me. It kept me held accountable and now, owning the palace of my dreams, virtually debt free!😭

I say virtually because I just acquired my first business debt for something BIG….that I cannot wait to announce! You will all want to scream! #bossgirlmoves

During these 10 years we also did everything imaginable to have a family of our own. #infertility

I endured countless miscarriages and 8+ surgeries on my reproductive system. After loosing the chances of conceiving on our own after my last reproductive surgery, we headed straight into IVF. In-vitro fertilization.

Finally, after 10 painful years in 2016, we welcomed our miracle baby. And that is when life really sped up on us and we’ve been partying hard since!

I continued to run my Home Studio *MID PANDEMIC* because I had just signed my life away for the next several years on our new retail location, haha. Even with the pandemic, I was still crushing out 500+ numbed Brazilian Waxes a month in my former home and just knew I was providing my guests something different. Something special was created within the small 10x10 room of mine and I knew I was worthy of so much more.

It wasn’t until I got pregnant with my twins that all gears in my mind and soul had shifted. I felt an empowerment within me that I’ve never felt before.

Pregnant with twins.

Something about that made me feel like an absolute bad ass. It was only then that I knew I was made for something greater than my small home Studio, but I also knew it was because I couldn’t keep my house 10000% professional like I wanted with three kids, three and under. #realtalk

So after signing on our dream home to be built, going through IVF for the 5th time, I found a New Studio location. A location that I actually dropped after several months into the process because the realtor said to me, and I quote;

“you’ll never be successful enough to hit 600K a year here because not even ‘great clips’ makes that much.” 😳

“WOAH. I’m sorry, bro. But what!?”

I dropped him and our contract instantly and called my Best Friend who is my realtor Breana Greenwood and headed straight to the other location I’ve had an eye on for months. That location is NOW, THE MF BRAZILIANAIRE STUDIO. #donttellmehowtolivemylife

Our retail location in Spanish Fork was opened May 2, 2020 again, Mid pandemic, ha!

I walked into an empty shell of a unit and knew immediately, it was perfect! I interviewed and found a contractor that could meet the luxurious and BOUJEE vision I have had stored in my head for over a decade. I found manufacturers that created custom made & branded items for MY BRAND. And, I have now found a passion within me and my soul that literally HAD ZERO IDEA OF HOW ANY OF “THIS” WORKED! HAHA. #socialanxietysurvivor #selftaught

I literally looked my fears of numbers, feeling inadequate or, looking dumb right in the face and conquered SO MUCH. So damn much over the last 2 years. #stillgrowing #stilllearning

I hit well over 100K in my first year. when I opened in May 2020, DURING A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. And we are well on our way to almost quadruple that for my second year…STILL, MID PANDEMIC.

I still have yet to pay myself due to dumping it all back into the company. Again, I am debt free and I WANT to be the BEST Studio around and WE ARE!


Bam, We WON TWO AWARDS FOR THE BEST OF UTAH VALLEY and have been published in several articles!

I can confidently now say, “I did the damn thing” and I am so proud of ME.

Gia, The MF Brazilianaire!❤️‍🔥

I am sharing this not to brag or elude you into believing that I’m living the most glam life.. I am sharing because this is so real to me and I have found my purpose in sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. The reality is this. I am just a girl who literally went for her dreams. A girl without a High School Diploma. A girl who sunk to the lowest of lows just 5 months after opening when my sister was brutally murdered by her husband. Link to her story:

When people who were my ride or die used me, took advantage of me and my company during my grief and abandoned me at my lowest and then attempted to defame me on google😂.

It was through these betrayals and all of the trauma that sent me to diligently fighting for my life and for the fullest healing possible since, July 2020. #therapysavedme Some weeks I attended therapy 3 times a week and it was there that I have discovered the fullest TRUTH of Gia Carter and she’s pretty MF great! #riseabove

I want it to be my life mission to let you all to know that you are capable, worthy and deserving of all the good things you give and put into this universe. If you truly believe in yourself, know ANYTHING is possible.

I am FINALLY here. I am here to show you, teach you and brainwash you into believing in YOU! It truly is beautiful what you attract after you start believing in what you deserve. Just know, life + humans will still throw you a million and one curve balls but it is up to you to CHOOSE, YOU! This is what The Brazilianaire Studio is to me. It is grace. It is kind. It is loyal. It is showing you the way to YOU!! It is so MAGICAL. The highest vibrations radiate here because we choose nothing but LOVE here. THIS IS MY CHURCH!


So sure, I may have MF made it but I still have some MAJOR GOALS TO CRUSH! And that includes changing the lives of those who decided to choose me back.🤌🏽 ✨❤️‍🔥#energyexchange

Stay tuned, boo. My Success story is just beginning. ✨

2022, I am MF READY FOR YOU!🐆

XOXO, Gia MF Carter

You are worth finding.
You are worth knowing.
You are worth loving.

You + all your one million layers.

Always hold that close. "

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