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Don't compare your journey to success to others

We fall.

We break.

We fail.

But then.




Going into the big 15 year wedding anniversary this upcoming February with the king of my place, Tim!

I’d like to start off before going into this by saying don’t compare your success story to anyone else.

And here is why:

The first 10 years of our marriage we got to fully pour every bit of ourselves into my husbands company and into being 100% debt free. We entered our marriage with little debt, a simple car loan. When I married Tim it was the BIGGEST WAKE UP CALL for me and my bank account. 😂

The week we were on our honeymoon unknowingly to us, the company Tim worked for at the time went out of business. He went in to work and found out with a note taped on their front door.

Side note* Tim was a mortgage loan officer and this was in the housing market crash of 2007.

This was not the wake up call I’m talking about though.

But really. This is how our real life actually always happens, haha.

The actual wake up call for me was when Tim implemented the “Dave Ramsey program” into our marriage. I was the biggest spender. I worked hard to play harder. Tim on the other hand saw a bigger picture and had goals set for our future when I could truthfully, care less. You guys. That first year…That was the hardest year of our marriage up until 2020. Haha. #donttalksavingstome