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Battling Burnout as a Working Parent? Try These 3 Tips.

Balancing work and parenthood is tough. And it has gotten harder over the last year.

Parenting can be magical, but there is something about someone else completely relying on you for every little thing that is also draining. It is actually very common for parents, especially moms, to work themselves so hard at both the office and give so much of themselves to their kids that they wind up suffering from clinical burnout.

That’s not good for parents or their kids.

I know what it’s like to be a working mom. After longing for children for years, we felt so fortunate to have our daughter, and then our twins, join our family in recent years. As our family has grown, my business has grown, both of them through a lot of hard work. There are long days, late nights, and so many times where you might question if you’re in the right place or if your dedication is paying off.

Some of the things doctors commonly recommend for burnout are to turn to others for help or just to talk, give yourself a break, nourish your body, pay attention to your own needs and to remove yourself from stressful situations where possible.

I honor parents who want or need to work outside of the home, and I see their struggles on a daily basis. Here at Brazillianaire, we do everything we can to create an atmosphere that is fully relaxing and welcoming to all. Our goal is to help you forget your stressors and to take care of your body in the way that seems best for you. Whether you’re here for a numbed brazilian wax or a refreshing facial, my team and I have worked hard to build a community to help you make the best of your “me time.”

Can a spa day truly help to combat burnout? When you come to a space that celebrates you as you are, you can’t help but leave feeling totally rejuvenated, but that may not be enough on its own. Try some of our ideas to push beyond the stress of life and empower yourself as a parent, in your career, and just as an amazing human (because we both know you ARE amazing!).

1. Talk it out.

When the stress is creeping in, tell someone how you’re feeling. Let your partner know you need a break, or reach out to family members who can take the kids for an afternoon, or find your tribe through school, community groups, here The Brazillianaire, or whatever speaks to your soul. Professional help is always on the table, too! And there’s no shame in seeking that out. Talking about your feelings and getting the support you need makes a world of difference.

2. Listen to your body.

Our bodies are truly a marvel, and if you pay attention to the physical signals you’re getting, you can figure out exactly what you need to feel better. If you’re constantly exhausted, make sleep a priority in whatever way you can. Think about the foods you are eating and decide if something isn’t agreeing with you or if you just need more nutrients. You can never go wrong adding fruits and veggies.

3. Say no.

Boundaries are so important. As a society we have moved towards a “get things done at all costs” culture. This isn’t healthy, and it’s not even productive. Learn to say no to obligations and even opportunities that aren’t necessary. There’s no reason to push yourself to the absolute limits. Prioritize what is good for you and what is good for your family, and get rid of the things that aren’t furthering your goals, nurturing your relationships or bringing you joy. Bonus––when you do this, you’ll have more time for that spa day!

We love our customers and we love being the relaxing part of your day. If you’re under pressure or feeling the effects of burnout, please let us know on your next visit and we’ll be sure to roll out the red carpet to ensure you leave feeling better than when you came in.

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